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We will try to help you with the answers to the most common questions

Drivers for most products can be found at this link


All Redragon keyboard will work on some games that support the use of the keyboard. If you want to use keyboard in games that do not support keyboards best option is to buy Redragon Eris adapter.

One of the most common solutions to this problem is to make sure that your Redragon headphones are properly set up on your audio player.
On the Windows 10 platform, you can check this by seeing a speaker icon next to the clock in the SysTray section of the taskbar. You can left-click on it and in case there are digital USB headphones, choose directly the model by name, which is included and on which you want to hear the sound.
For example, if you have a Zeus 2 H510 headset, and use the USB digital cable that comes with it, the list of audio outputs will also include those called “H510”, “Zeus H510” or simply “USB Audio Device”, depending on how your version of the operating system recognizes the headphones.
If you are using analog headphones, which plug into a standard 3.5mm jack, you will need to select the output in which you plugged the headphones into the list. In many cases, this will be an audio output called “Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)” or a similar name. There is certainly a possibility that your audio output is called differently, but you can always check all the options in the list and find the appropriate one.
If the solutions provided still do not solve the problem, make sure that all connectors are properly connected and fully inserted into the appropriate ports. However, for certain models of USB digital headphones, you will also need to install drivers in order to take advantage of all the functions and capabilities of the device.

Certain models of Redragon keyboards, whether mechanical, optical or membrane, have a special key combination that allows you to lock the keypad, for example if you want to overwrite it and do not want to turn it off. It is mainly a combination of FN + F11 keys, which when pressed together lock or unlock the keyboard. There is also a variant of the FN + Win key, which serves to exclusively lock (or unlock) only the Windows key on the keyboard. For the key lock and unlock functions, it is best to read the instructions that came with your device and get acquainted in detail with all the features of your Redragon keyboard model.
In addition to locking the keyboards, you may also need to install drivers for your keyboard in order to use it.

In order for the mechanical keys to have the longest and correct service life, the keyboard must be regularly maintained to be clean, free of dust, food residues, tobacco, liquids and the like. We recommend that you turn the keyboard down every couple of weeks and shake off the accumulated dust and other impurities that will accumulate over time. You can also lightly “solder” with a soft brush and clean between the keys, taking care that you do not have any brush hair stuck in the keys and between them.