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Ceres G812 Wireless Gamepad

The Ceres has an ergonomic design designed for comfort at all times, with an adjustable support to hold your mobile device that you can remove when you stop using it, but it is also designed to be foldable, facilitating transport.
Our controller is compatible with Android systems and a wide number of iOS games, as well as the multi stream Ps4 platform on iOS. Not only does it stay mobile, you can also connect to your PC via bluetooth or through its USB cable thanks to its Xinput compatibility.
The internal 600mAh lithium battery will allow us a large number of hours of play with our mobile devices.

Connection type: Bluetooth 4.2
Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows
Interface: Bluetooth, optional USB on PC
Buttons: 13 + 2 Sticks
Bumpers L1 / R1: 2 button type
LT / RT triggers: 2, sensitive and capacitive
D-Pad: 8-way
Vibration: No
Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery
Size: 6 x 10.2 x 15.5 cm
Weight: 211 gr

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PC, Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and IOS


12 (2 analog)

Lighting Effects

LED Backlight